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The number one reason
people join a particular church?

It's not the parking or the location or the beauty of the building.

It's the preaching.

According to research [Tom Rainer, Lifeway], 90% of new members chose their church based on the preaching.  This is a good thing. People are drawn to good preaching because they know, intuitively, that:

"Good Preaching Changes Lives."

For this reason, it is more important than ever for those called to communicate the gospel to pursue your calling with excellence.

Great sermons — the ones that transform hearers into doers — depend on three things:

1. CONTENT: Solid, creative, practical, and Biblical.
Simple and intuitive, so that your listeners can follow.
Dynamic and passionate, keeping the listener engaged.

We help you maximize each area of preaching.

Creative Content.
Our library resources help you develop solid, Biblically-based sermon content.

Straightforward Structure.
You'll learn how to organize your content into a message that your listeners can follow.

Dynamic Delivery
We'll help you strengthen your communication skills, preaching with greater impact.



30 Days to your Best Preaching Ever.

This powerful, practical course offers you all the tools you need to prepare, write, and deliver powerful sermons. Resources available to you include:

Eight Training Modules

Preaching Lessons AudioThese audio coaching sessions take you through the entire preaching process, from your first idea to the final amen. You can easily listen to these sessions on any device.

The sessions are fast-paced and intensely practical, focusing on things that will you help you today you prepare for this week's message.

Reading & Study Materials

Preaching Academy Lesson One-SheetA word-for-word manuscript of each lesson. This enables you to follow along with what is being said in each session.

A printable session one-sheet. This lesson summary covers the highlights of each session, helping you focus on key points.

30 days of follow-up lessons. Each coaching session includes 2-3 days of follow-up steps to take to master each principle.

One Full Year of Updates

Preaching UpdatesThis is why Preaching Academy is a perfect resource in your never-ending, on-going pursuit of preaching excellence.

Imagine the cumulative effect of spending just a few minutes reading and reviewing ideas, quotes, book excerpts, lessons, and preaching articles — every day.

This special section is updated throughout the week with tips and techniques about every aspect of preaching, giving you ideas to consider, exercises to practice, and suggestions to implement as you continue to improve your skill in the pulpit.


Here are some of the topics that the coaching sessions tackle.

• 3 Big Things to Include in Every Sermon You Prepare. These "Big 3" will help you design both sermons and stories within the sermon that hit the target.

• 12 Essential Elements of a Powerful Sermon. It's not complicated — in fact, it's almost like following the plot of a movie. This is a helpful checklist to follow as you craft your message.

• 3 Key Words to Fuel Your Message From Start to Finish. These key words help you move through your sermon with precision, keeping your listeners with you all the way.

• Perfecting the Story. Every preacher tells stories, but not every preacher tells them well. What's involved in crafting a compelling story? This session will help you become a master storyteller.

• Crafting a Ten-Second Take-Away.
This session focuses on how to summarize your sermon in a single-statement that is, above all, practical and do-able.

• The 4 Corners of Preparation. Using this technique at the beginning of your sermon preparation will help you stay focused and keep your message on target.

• Planning the First Five Minutes. To keep your listener through the conclusion, you need to win them in the first five minutes. This session helps you design a compelling, energetic introduction.

• Developing a Conclusion. The conclusion defines the difference between a speech and a sermon. This session focuses on how to craft a conclusion that will move your listeners in the direction of a life-changing decision.

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