Bonus Resources

In addition to access to the coaching modules and follow-up lessons, your Preaching Academy membership includes access to the following bonus resources:

Supplemental Resources / One Year of Updates.

This section is always being updated with new content so that after you finish the course, you can continue to grow and development in your skills as a communicator of the gospel.

These resources include:

  • Articles on Preaching.
  • Exercises to help you sharpen your skills.
  • Book excerpts.
  • Quotes from Master Communicators
  • Tips on how to strengthen various aspects of your preaching ministry.

With your Preaching Academy enrollment, you have access to all these resources, plus one year of frequent updates.

Preaching Library for Sermon Preparation

As a second bonus you will receive online access to Steve May’s complete library of sermon resources: 750 sermons, including more than 100 sermon series, plus 5000 sermon illustrations.

This comes to more than 10,000 pages of sermon resources.

Sermons.  These messages offer a great place to begin putting into practice the principles of the Advanced Course. You’ll find these sermons to be Biblical, practical, and uplifting. Most of all, you’ll find them easy to customize and adapt to your own unique style.

Illustrations. More than 5000 illustrations, stories, and quotes give you what you need to “billboard” the key ideas of your  message.

You are able to access these resources through your Preaching Academy membership account.

Free Sermon Evaluation / Coaching Session

Upon completion of the 30 day course you qualify for a free sermon evaluation / coaching session with Steve May.

Steve will review your manuscript and/or the audio-video presentation of your message and give you a complete evaluation of all aspects of your message — content, structure, and delivery — and offer suggestions on how you can strengthen each area.

The coaching session usually lasts about a half-hour.

When you register, you will be given a code you can use to apply for your free coaching session at any time during your membership.

This bonus will be available for only a short-time, as space is limited.

To take advantage of these limited-time bonuses, register for Preaching Academy today!